Tage terrain generator

TAGE is an attempt to create a tool which will help 3D game graphics
and designers to create the 3D world faster and easier. It's still in progress
so don't expect everything works fine and I'd like to hear
any feedback at stransky@anakreon.cz.

A new version (0.2) is available. Single point modificator has been
completely reworked and you can use math operations for color and height generation,
multiple targets and other features. There are also available new sampes and tutorial scripts.


tage-all-0.2.tar.gz - sources, examples, tutorials, documentation

tage-0.2.tar.gz - sources
samples-0.2.tar.gz - examples
tutorials-0.2.tar.gz - tutorials
tage-0.2.pdf - documentation in PDF
tage-0.2.html - documentation in HTML


The project is developed on latest Fedora but it should run on any linux distribution.
You need to install some extra packages, like SDL-devel, SDL_image-devel, gtkglarea2-devel.


If you manage to build sources you should have a 'tage' binary at age/src directory.
Now, you can try some files from samples package. The binary does not need any configuration
file so you can copy it anywhere.


There are some pictures produced by recent generator version. Editor interface + a fractal land:

Textures generated by scripts from samples package:

Generated by background_init_geometry.dat script:
Generated by background_init_light.dat script:
Generated by background_init.dat script:
Generated by black_init.dat script:
Generated by dust.dat script:
Generated by dust_noise.dat script:
Generated by dust_noise.dat script:
Generated by fractal1.dat script:
Generated by fractal2.dat script:
Generated by height_light.dat script:
Generated by height.dat script:
Generated by intensity_light2.dat script:
Generated by intensity_light.dat script:
Generated by mask_intensity.dat script:
Generated by rock_light2.dat script:
Generated by rock_light.dat script:
Generated by rock_light_specular_2.dat script:
Generated by rock_light_specular.dat script: