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Berusky 1.5 released

Berusky page has been updated with new version (1.5). It introduces player profiles, level maps and double-size mode. The development section also contains new information about future project direction (new items, graphics and so).

Berusky II 0.7 Released

New Berusky II release comes with sound and music support and some minor fixes. The updated berusky2-0.7 binary needs a berusky2-data-0.6 datafile. Enjoy!

Berusky 1.4 released

Berusky comes with a new feature - fast bug movement. If you hold the SHIFT key, the bugs will move twice as fast. And don't forget to grab the new berusky-data too, it's mandatory for this update.

Berusky II Original Soundtrack

Berusky II Original Soundtrack, composed by Martin Linda, has been released under Creative Common BY-SA. The sound support was already committed to the Berusky II git repository and the new version is on the way.

Berusky II wallpapers

New cool wallpapers are available at Berusky II page. They have been created from in-game screens by Jakub Šimeček.

All paswords for Berusky

The Berusky page has beed updated with all passwords for game levels, extra levels from players, former Windows and DOS versions (they are Czech only).

New web launched!

New web has been launched, it's run by Drupal and uses Zero Point Drupal Theme. The old one is still here. If you find anything broken please drop me a message.

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