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Berusky II 0.10 Released

New Berusky II release (0.10) fixes game crashes at level end and game saves. Complete changelog is here.

Berusky 1.7 for Windows released

The new version of Berusky is also available for Windows! Get it at SourceForge or from local source.

Berusky 1.7 released

A new Berusky (version 1.7) bundles extra levels from players and you can choose game mode (original/double size) at game start.

Berusky II datafile update

Berusky II datafile update (0.9) is available at SourceForge. Fixes crash in tutorial end screen (issue #6) and contains a level update.

Berusky II 0.9 Released

New Berusky II release (0.9) comes with new menu settings, window/fullscreen mode switch, fixed game crashes and more. Complete changelog is here. Don't forget to download a new data file (berusky2-data-0.7).

Berusky II 0.8 Released

New Berusky II release (berusky2-0.8) fixes crashes at level end (rhbz#858887).

Berusky 1.6 released

There's a next Berusky release available. It comes with updated graphics, new game items (Light Boxes) and reworked level editor. If you create a game level please post it to me and I'll include it in next release.

Berusky 1.5.2 released

A new bugfix update for 1.5 is available. It fixes player profiles rendering in single-size mode (the original one) and adds a menu entry for it.

Berusky 1.5.1 released

A bugfix update for 1.5 is available. It fixes player profiles save only (

Berusky 1.5 released

Berusky page has been updated with new version (1.5). It introduces player profiles, level maps and double-size mode. The development section also contains new information about future project direction (new items, graphics and so).

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